Since 2006 on boards of airBaltic airlines, passengers are offered airBalticcard Mobile international GSM standard SIM card that works in 190 countries of the world, provides low cost and free calls abroad and saves up to 90% on roaming expenses.

airBalticcard Mobile SIM-card allows saving on international mobile phone calls while roaming, thus much of the money will not be spent paying bills for international calls, but for the purposes of your journey.

airBalticcard Mobile – this is free incoming calls in 150 countries, such as China, Mexico, USA, Australia, EU and etc. Outgoing calls worldwide cost starting from €0,083 per minute with no subscription or connection fees. Internet access in many countries of the world is available starting from 2,00 €/GB.

SIM balance is stored without time limitation and SIM card does not expire, as long as it is used at least once every two years.

Do not forget to take international SIM card with you, every time travelling abroad.

More information about airBalticcard Mobile services is available here.

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